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, mfn. [< kata + ka; cf. Amg. kayaga; sa. kṛ-
taka], artificial, factitious; only recorded in lex. and
gramm. lit.;
lex. lit.: ~o kittime, Abh 1036 (= kara-
ṇena nipphatte, Abh-ṭ ad loc.); — gramm. lit.: (used as
an example of the use of the suffix
ka in the sense of the
word itself; cf.
4ka 2.a.) saññāyaṁ ~o, Rūp-v 156,31
(ad Rūp 369; ~o katamallakaṁ, Rūp-ṭ 169,8) ≠ Pay
Ce 1974 157,29 (ad Mogg IV 40).