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, f., a pair of big kettledrums (?); ct.
so; cf.
LB. HORNER, Cṇ-Trsl.: 11 no. 3: perhaps a
[sic.]; āsāvayitvā ~iṁ mahādānaṁ da-
dām 'ahaṁ, Cp 90 (~in [v.ll. taṇhā-, kaṇha-] ti yuga-
lamahābheriṁ, Cp-a 85,11); — Rem.: ~ may well be
w.r. for
*khaṇa-bheri (< *kṣaṇabheri) which occurs in
the form
chaṇabheri (a festival drum; a kind of ket-
tledrum used when proclaiming a festival
) at Ja VI
399,13, q.v.; both the context and the gloss yugala-
mahābheri (a pair of big kettledrums) at Cp-a would
seem to support the above suggestion, whereas it is
uncertain what
~ (a kettledrum with handles ?)
might mean.