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, n., an ear ornament; koṭi-
agghanakaṁ pana ~aṁ dhāreti, Sp 1087,16 (ad Vin I
194,36) = Mp I 237,17 ≠ Ud-a 307,6; yaṁ kiñci ~aṁ an-
tamaso tālapaṇṇaṁ pi na vaṭṭati, Sp 1200,16; (~-tāla-
paṇṇa, [so read with Be; Ee w.r. mātukaṇṇa-], Sp
881,20); — °-vaṭaṁsaka, m. or n., a kind of ear or-
nament in the form of a small garland suspended
from the root of the ear;
vaṭaṁsakan ti ~an ti vuttaṁ
hoti. vaṭaṁsakaṁ kaṇṇacūḷikaṭṭhāne olambakan ti
pi vadanti, Sp-ṭ I 162,9 (ad Sp 75,10).