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, pr. 3sg. [ati + √nī], to lead over (as
water over a paddy-field
), to lead into (as a guest into
a house
); aor. lsg. ~esiṁ, Ap 160,11; 249,9; 360,23
(sakaṁ gharaṁ; cf. atināmeti); abs. ~etvā, Vin II
180,25 (udakaṁ; opp. ninneti); Ja IV 52,10 (gharaṁ;
Ed. ānetvā, but read with Cks atinetvā as ib. 219,20);
~etvāna, Ap 249,10; grd. ~etabbaṁ (udakaṁ), Vin
II 180,25.