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, n., according to the ct.s ~
either means
1. casting a spell on the ears (of an
opponent in a lawsuit
) by muttering a magic formu-
(= vijjājapana); according to the ct. (v. infra) the
spell prevents him from hearing what is being said,
thus being unable to answer the questions of the
judge; or
2. muttering one's whishes into the ear of
a god;
— 1. ~aṁ ādāsapañhaṁ ... iti vā evarūpāya
tiracchānavijjāya micchājīvā paṭivirato Samano
Gotamo ti, D I 11,20 (~an (v.l. -jappan) ti kaṇṇehi
saddaṁ asavanatthāya vijjājapanaṁ. taṁ kira japitvā
vinicchayaṭṭhāne yaṁ icchati taṁ bhaṇati,
paccatthiko taṁ na suṇāti, tato paṭivacanaṁ
sampādetuṁ na sakkoti, Sv 97,6) = 69,14; — 2.
icchitatthassa devatāya kaṇṇe kathanavasena
jappanaṁ ~an ti, Sv-pṭ I 168, 30 = Sv-ṭ I 131,6 (ad D I