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, n. [cf. kaṇḍ[ū/u]saka], a marking; ~aṁ
nāma muddabandhanaṁ (so perhaps read for Be
pubbabandhanaṁ), Vjb 490,29; — °-karaṇa-matta,
n., the mere marking (with a strip of cloth); na ~ena
atthataṁ hoti kaṭhinaṁ, Vin I 254,31 (= muddiya-
paṭṭabandhanamattena [so perhaps read; Ee muddh-
(cf. v.l. and Sp 1128,26)], Sp 1110,25 ("by merely
attaching a marking strip [to the kaṭhina cloth"]) =
Vin V 172,12.[[side 68]]