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, pr. 3sg. [ati + √nam, caus.], to
spend, to pass or let pass
(time); to surpass, omit;
3sg. AN I 206,3 (divasaṁ); III 116,24 (do.); MN II
139,14 (anumodanassa kālaṁ, to let the opportunity
anumodana pass; Ps); Th-a ad Th 451 (+ khepeti;
= 'vijahate' or 'viharate'); 1 sg. ~emi (rattiṁ),
Pj II 606,2 (= 'vivasemi'); 3pl. ~enti, AN IV 227,20*
(khaṇaṁ, to miss); Mil 345,5 (rattindivaṁ); aor. 3sg.
~nāmayi, Th 366 (rattiṁ abbhokāse); — also of food:
to make it pass down,
MN II 138,22 (na ca vyañjanena
ālopaṁ ~eti, i. e. but he does not use the curry in
order to make the food
(rice) slip down; Ps III 360,1);
esp. to lead somebody into (with two acc): aor.
~esiṁ (ārāmaṁ . . . lokajeṭṭhaṁ); Ap 251,5; abs.
~etvā (assamam), Ap 254,12; cf. atineti.