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, mfn. [kaṇṭaka + in; CDIAL 2679],
thorny; ~i vārijaṁ (= Sn 845 [with reading kaṇṭakaṁ
vārijaṁ]), Sadd 493,3; — Rem.: the reading ~ for
kaṇṭaka at Sn 845 is only recorded in Sadd; it is per-
haps due to a confusion of
and i in the Burmese
script; cf.
2kaṇṭaka; — tassa vaṁsassa ~ino pi ruk-
khassa kaṇṭakā nâhesuṁ, Bv-a 207,22 (ad Bv XIII 29);
na tattha ~ino (so read; Be -inā, with v.l. kaṇṭakīlatā)
kakkhaḷagacchalatā honti, Sp-ṭ I 275,22; —
°(i)-phala, m(fn). [ts.; cf. sa. kaṇṭakaphala; CDIAL
2675], (bhvr.) having prickly fruits; epith. of the
breadfruit tree;
panaso ~o, abhayā tu harītakī, Abh
569 (kaṇṭakayuttaṁ phalam assa ~o, Abh-ṭ 379,27).[[side 62]] kaṇṭakin