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, n. [cf. kaṇṭakâdhāna, kaṇṭaka-
dhāna, for which Be as a rule substitutes the seman-
tically equivalent
~], a place full of thorns; yathā
-amhi careyya ... evaṁ game munī care, Th 946
(Th-a III 80,36); ahiṁ khāṇuṁ ~aṁ (Ee -dhānaṁ], M I
10,37 (~an [Be so; Ce kaṇṭakadhāna; Ee kaṇṭakâdhāna]
ti kaṇṭakānaṁ ṭhānaṁ [Be so; CeEe dhānaṁ], Ps I
80,23) = A III 389,22 (with v.l. kaṇṭakadhāna; ~an [Be
so; Ee
kaṇṭakadhānan] ti yattha kaṇṭakā vijjanti [so
read with v.l.; Ee
-jjh-], taṁ okāsaṁ, Mp III 397,25).