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, mfn. [< *kāṇṭaka; cf. sa. kāṇṭaka],
prickly, thorny; scratchy; elambujaṁ ~aṁ (Be and
Nidd I 201,9; 202,27 kaṇṭakavārijaṁ) vārijaṁ yathā, Sn
845 (= kaṇṭakanāḷaṁ, Pj II 547,13; cf. Nidd I 202,29: ~o
vuccati kharadaṇḍo, "'prickly' means 'having a
rough stalk'";
kharadaṇḍo ti kharapattadaṇḍo,
pharusadaṇḍo, Nidd-a II 312,17) qu. Sadd 439,3 (with
kaṇṭaki vārijaṁ; cf. kaṇṭaki(n), q.v.); —
Rem.: the ct.s would seem to support interpreting
~ at Sn 845 as an adjective; if the reading kaṇṭaka-
vārija (q.v. infra) of Be and Nidd is the original
reading, it is not possible to decide whether it is
based upon
1kaṇṭaka or 2kaṇṭaka; the same applies
mutatis mutandis to other cpd.s with
kaṇṭaka; —
kharena vā ghaṇṭhikena vā ~ena vā ... na avalekhi-
tabbaṁ, Sp 1286,13 (ad Vin II 222,16: na pharusena kaṭ-
ṭhena avalekhitabbaṁ).