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, f. [kaṭhina + ānisaṁsā], (t.t.
) the kaṭhina privileges, i.e., the privileges that
accrue to a monk who has participated in the
na ceremony; atthatakaṭhinassa hi bhikkhuno yāva
imeh' ākārehi cīvarapalibodho na chijjati, tāva ~aṁ
labhati, Kkh 53,20; — °-mūlaka, mfn., stemming
from the
kaṭhina privileges; bhikkhuṇīsaṅgho
jinnacīvaro ~o mahālābho ti, Sp 931,24; — °-
vattha, n., clothing that is due to the kaṭhina
privileges; aññāni ca bahūni ~āni deti, Sp 1108,12.