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, m. [cf. the words mentioned at
DED 962; if ~ is derived from Dravidian there is
reason to believe that the correct reading is
clod, ball, lump; opp. to phāla and māsaka re-
presenting smaller units
); syn. khaṇḍa (v. Sv-pṭ II
18,26); — Puṇṇo uṭṭhāya ekaṁ ~iṁ gahetvā
naṅgalasīse pahari, Mp I 448,13; — ifc. rajata-°
(~-rajata-phāla-rajata-māsaka, Mp IV 184,1); loha-°
(Sp 1240,29); suvaṇṇa-° (Sv 423,30 [v.l. kaṭṭi; cf. v.l.
Sv-pṭ II 18,26; ~-suvaṇṇa-phāla-suvaṇṇa-māsaka
[v.ll. -kaṭhī-, -taṭṭi-], Mp IV 184,11). kaṭṭhi