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, problematic reading of un-
certain meaning at
S V 149,2: taṁ enaṁ (scil.
makkaṭaṁ) ... luddo vijjhitvā tasmiṁ yeva ~e (v.l.,
Be, and Tr. transcript
kaṭṭhakaṁ uddharetvā; CeSe
makkaṭaṁ uddharitvā) avassajjetvā ... pakkamati;
Rem.: the sentence in which ~ occurs would
seem to be corrupt; the v.l.
kaṭṭhaṁ uddharetvā
makes it impossible to construe the loc. tasmiṁ;
the same consideration applies to the reading mak-
kaṭaṁ uddharitvā (a modern conjecture ?)]