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, mfn. [pp. of kasati (< *√kṛṣ), q.v.; cf. sa.
kṛṣṭa; kiṭṭha, q.v.; cf. kaḍḍhati], 1. stretched out,
hence: thin
(only recorded in cpd. kaṭṭhaṅga, q.v. in-
); 2. ploughed, tilled;gramm. lit.: kasasmā pa-
rassânantarassa tassa ṭha hoti, kasassa vā im ca:
kiṭṭhaṁ ~aṁ, Mogg-v ad Mogg V 142 ("after √kas
ṭha is substituted for the immediately following pp.
ta, and i is optionally substituted for a of
√kas"); — evam esā kasī ~ā, sa hoti amatapphalā, Sn
80 (Pj II 151,5) = S I 173,3* (Spk I 256,19 = Pj II 151,5); —
ifc. a-°; su-° (A I 229,35; Mil 255,15).