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, m(fn). [< 2kaṭa + akaṭa (qq.v.) ?; cf. pa.
and sa.
katâkata, q.v.; Pan II 1 60], a kind of juice
made from
mugga beans (ct. so); according to the
ct.s ~ is used either of juice made from beans that
have been cooked so that they are only partly done
(= thokaṁ siniddho, i.e., somewhat soft; Sp so; v.
) or juice that has been strained without stirring
the beans
(Vmv, Sp-ṭ [quoting the gaṇṭhipadas] so;
v. infra
), thus implying that the beans have not been
cooked to a mash; ~ contrasts with
akaṭayūsa (in-
correctly defined in
CPD s.v.; = asiniddho muggapa-
citapānīyo, Sp 1092,22); cf. sa. kṛtayūṣa: the juice of
pulses prepared with salt and fat; v.
MW, pW s.v.;
~ena attho hoti. anujānāmi bhikkhave -an ti, Vin I
206,31 (~an ti so 'va thokaṁ siniddho, Sp 1092,23);
~enā ti mugge pacitvā acāletvā parissāvitena mug-
gayūsenā ti vadanti, Vmv II 186,19 qu. Sp-ṭ III 304,16
(with the remark: gaṇṭhipadesu vuttaṁ); — Rem.:
the meaning ascribed to ~ by the ct.s would seem to
support the derivation
< kaṭa + akaṭa: (partly) done,
(partly) not done; cf. the usage of pa. and sa.