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), pr. 3 sg. [Amg. aīcchaī (with full
), from sa. ati + √i, after the analogy of
ati-gacchati (atîta = ati-gata); Tr. (cf. Sp-ṭ below)
refers to
ati-√iṣ (eṣati) confounded with ati-√iṣ
(icchati); PED ati + ṛcchati] to pass on, only used
in imper. 2 pl.
aticchatha (bhante)! a phrase by
which a mendicant is refused alms in a civil way
inverse phrase is
tiṭṭhatha bhante, Ja V 212,15):
Ja III 462,12; VI 70,26; Dhp-a I 401,6; 402,6; IV
98,25-26 (Ed. aticcha); Ps III 71,13; Mp I 412,20;
II 137,3; Vv-a 101,1; Mil 9,13 ≠ Sp I 37,12-26 (cf.
Mhv V 132: gacchā ti); Ss 105,21; Vism 343,27; Sp-ṭ
ad Sp I 37,12: aticchathā ti atikkamitvā icchatha,
idha bhikkhā na labbhati, ito aññattha gantvā
bhikkhaṁ pariyesathā ti adhippāyo. Cf. Tr. notes
65 & Oldenberg in Kuhn's Zeitschr. XXV (1881).