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(or Aḍḍhakāsikā), f. Npr. of a
courtesan in Benares
(Kāsi-raṭṭhe), who adopted the
religious life; author of
Thī 25—26; ~ikā, Ap 610,6
611,13 (quoted Thī-a 31,11 foll.); Vin II 277,3 (~ī
gaṇikā bhikkhunīsu pabbajitā hoti, quoted Thī-a 30,29
foll.; cf. Vin II 282,37 (~ikā, in the uddāna); the name
of A. seems to be a nickname on account of her high
('half the revenue of the king of Kāsī'), and
Ja V 447,22' (cf. ib. 446,9*) alludes to this fact. Aḍḍhakāsī