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, mfn., of quiet appearance ?;
~o . . . Bhagavā, bhāti-r-iva Bhagavato mukhavaṇṇo
pasannattā indriyānaṁ, D II 205,8 [ms.Bmso; H.
Smith considered this to be the oldest text form we have;
other mss. readings: Sd
upasampassadisso, K upa-
santapatisso, K(Sl ) upasantappadisso = Be 1956 Ee;
upasanta-dassano, Sv 637,29; upasantaṁ padissati
(Be 1961 patisammati) ālokīyatī ti upasantapadisso
(Be 1961 ~o), upasantadassano upasantam pati
ālocīyatī ti upasantappattiyo (Be 1961 upasanta-
ussanno), pṭ Ee II 262,9]; cf. upasanta(p)padissa.