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, mfn. (ts., different meaning; pp. of
upanayhati, -nandhati, see Sadd 1474 s.v. -nan-
dhati), bearing a grudge, grumbling, resentful; ~aṁ
bhikkhuṁ, Vin II 118,23; ~o bhikkhu, 118,25; IV 83,
30,35 (Sp 831,14 ~o bhikkhu ti so janita-upanāho
bh.); — Vin Ee always °nandha, but II 318,4 and
IV 359,36 Old., noting v. l. °nando, considers or proposes
correction to
°naddha; SeBeNe always °naddha, Ce
1956 °nandha, 1963 (SHB) °naddha; Sp Ee °nando,
Se °naddho, Ce °nandho, v. l. °naddho.