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[ā/a], f. and n. [ts.] (Pāṇ I 1,65; Renou,
104; Abhyankar, Diet, of Sanskrit Gram-
78; Katre, Diet, of Pāṇini 132), Gr. penultimate
phoneme of a root;
Sadd 861,6: ant'akkharato pubb'a-
kkharaṁ ~ā (cf. 884,3); gahass' ~ass' e vā (e op-
tionally in place of penultimate of
gaha: gehaṁ gahaṁ),
Kacc 631; Sadd 861,8-12; see 1109 § 2.1.1; Epileg. 34
— °-sañña, mfn., having upadhā for technical name,
Sadd 861,7. upadhā