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, ttî./!. [sa. upastha], the lap, hence 1. the
sexual organs; 2. ifc.
ratn'ū° the driving seat of a
— 1. Bhes 1:65 todo ~e bahudhā / meḍḍhaṁ
dhūmāyatîva ca, a sharp pain is (felt) intensely in the
genital organs, and the membrum virile is, as it were,
( = mūtranālaya, sn, urethra; but cf. the
similar teaching
Yāgbh I XI 20 with vṛṣnayoḥ in
place of
~; also Suśruta, Sārīrasthāna I 1 with
upastha = sexual organs; in sa. medical texts more
specific terms are generally used, J. Filliozat
); — 2.
ifc. rath'u° (Vv-a 326,14 = 'ratha-pañjara'; 275,24
v. l. EeCe better than EeCe ratn'upathambha; v.
JRAS I 931 p. 578; cf. the cpd.s rath'anga,
ratha-kāya, ratha-sīsa).