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, mfn. (2aṭṭha + aṅgula), of eight
(fingers') breadth, or length, or thickness; Vin I
297,13 (āyāmena ~aṁ, scil. pacchimaṁ cīvaraṁ);
Mhv XXIX 11 (~aṁ bahalato lohapaṭṭaṁ). —
°parama, mfn., eight inches at most (in length), Vin
II 138,1 (danta-kaṭṭhaṁ); 150,8 (mañca-paṭipāda-
kaṁ). — °-bahala, mfn., eight inches thick; Ja II
91,16' (~aṁ udumbara-padaraṁ); V 131,2 (do.).