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, m., Npr. of a king of the first kappa
(Ja III 454,18: Apacaro ti pi tass'eva nāmaṁ; cf.
CPD Apacara, PPN Apacara for his story; Apacara
not "for Uparicara" [CPD I], which is not Npr. but
attribute: "walking in the air";
Mil 202,5 Uparicara/
Suraparicara due to same misunderstanding); Carassa
putto ~o, Ja III 454,18; ~assa (putto) Makkhādevo,
Sv 258,15 = Pj II 352,13; — Mhv II 2 (cf. trsl.
Geiger p.
273); Dīp III 5; cf. R. 0. Franke, WZKM
XXI 209, 235.