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, m., title of the 4th section of
Sn, = Sn 766—975 (Pj II 511—574), containing, as
Nr. 2
5, the four aṭṭhakas, Guhaṭṭhaka, etc., = Sn
772—803, each of which is made out of eight Triṣṭubh-
verses; otherwise explained by S. Levi, J. As. 1915
p. 413; Pj II 370,12 (Aṭṭhaka-Pārāyana-vagge); there is
an old commentary to this section, viz.
Niddesa I (Mahā-
Niddesa). — °-vaggika (or °vaggiya), mfn., belonging
to that section;
soḷasa ~āni [scil. suttāni] abhāsi (scil.
Sono Kutikanno), Vin I 196,36 (Sp-ṭ) = Ud 59,23
(Ud-a) ≠ Dhp-a IV 102,1 ≠ Mp I 241,19; cf. Sn
p. 189,11; ~e Māgandiya-pañhe, SN III 9,19 (Sn 844
quoted; Spk); °amhi, prob. w. r. Nidd I 510,19 (v. l.
aṭṭhakathā-maggamhij. ..