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, f., the "bloating frog", a small
frog the size of a finger-nail swelling to the size of a
wood-apple when irritated, and thus becoming the help-
less prey of birds: used as a symbol of gradually in-
creasing wrath,
Ps II 132,3-28; M I 142,25 foll. (Ps
II 128,9 = maṇḍūkaṁ); ~ā ti kho . . . kodh'upaya-
sass' etaṁ adhivacanam, 144,15; — °âdikassa Ee
w. r.
°yitâdi°, singh. k misread t] thale maṇḍūkassa
nivattanaṁ, Vv-a 218,30; — °-maṇḍūko nāma . . . ,
Ps II 132,4.