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, n. (or aṭṭhāna?), Vin II 105,28 (~e
nahāyanti) & II 106,5 (na ~e nahāyitabbaṁ), ac-
cording to
Sp (quoted Vin II 315,27) 'a sort of sham-
pooing stand', erected at the bathing-place
nāma rukkha(ṁ) phalakaṁ viya tacchetvā aṭṭha-
padâkārena rājiyo chinditvā nhānatitthe nikha-
ṇanti). Reading and etymology uncertain; spelt aṭṭhāna
in Sp Ce and in a Vin fragment from Nepal, see
Bendall, Verh. d. XIII Orient. Kongr. 1902 p. 60;
this, however, may be due to the gloss containing
aṭṭhapada, if not commentators understood it as <