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, f. [cf. sa. aṭani], one of the four rails which
form the frame of a bed
(or a seat), or, (coll.) the
frame as a whole;
Abh 309; Vin IV 168,26** (aññatra
heṭṭhimāya ~iyā); Ja II 337,15 (mañcakassa ~iṁ
gahetvā nipajji); 424,15 (mañcassa ~iṁ upagūhitvā
nipajji, quoted Ss 144,21); Ja IV 84,13 (mañcassa ~iṁ
pariggahetvā nipajji) = Pv-a 93,23 (Ee añjaliṁ in-
stead of
aṭaniṁ); Dhp-a I 234,12 (heṭṭhā ~iyaṁ);
pl, ~iyo, Dhp-a III 365,3 (catasso, of a dhammāsana);
Sp (Se) II 332,20 foll. (ad Vin IV 40,5'); — °-pāda-
vilīva, pl., the different materials for making a simple
(viz. frame, legs, and bottom), Ps III 159,19
(so read with Ck for vattanī-° Se).