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, m. [sa. ṛśya, ṛṣya; an identification with
accha, ikka < sa. ṛkṣa suggests semantic substitution
supported by phonetic similarity, cf.
Berger, Zwei
Probleme pp.
14, 35 — 39, 72, Turner, IAL p. 117],
name of an animal, variant of issa, isa, qq. v.; but the
~ of Ee (also adopted Se) Ja IV 209,3*,5', 210,1,24*,
211,2*,5*,7*,13',16' (which has caused the interpretation
"lord" as said of a lion
) is not so well attested as it seems
to appear from
Fsb.'s edition, being in fact only sup-
ported by his Burmese mss.;
the īsa given Sadd 446,
16 (2√īs) is in the Index associated with this word.