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, mfn. [sa. anyârtha, and anyapadârtha-
(pradhāna)], 'viewing something else', a gramm, term
for the function of
bahuvrīhi-comp. (whose parts
combine to form an epithet to another word
), Mogg II
159; 188; III 86 [78] (~e aññapadatthavuttimhi
samāse, Mogg-v). Cf. Franke, Gesch. u. Kritik d.
einh. Pāli-Gr. p.
43; see also bāhirattha, Sp-ṭ ad Sp I
174,24. — m. something other, other object or aim
~āya, Ps I 250,9 (cf. aññadattha).