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, m. [sa. ṛśya, ṛṣya] (most prob. i. q. isa q. v.,
though apparently they have often been considered dif-
Toev 138), a kind of wild animal, a sort of bearÇl)
or antelope;
ikko ~o, Abh 612 a; ~o . . . acchamigo,
Sadd 129,20; ~assa, Ja IV 210,21* (v. l. imassa), cf.
īsa ib. 24* etc. (a: kāḷasīha), ib. 209,3* (Ce isa ib. pas-
); — cf. 3accha, ikka, īsa, issā(°); kāḷasīha (ɔ:
kāḷagāvi-sadiso tiṇa-bhakkho, Mp III 65,19).