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, do. m. pl., name of two gaha-
patis; always followed by thapatayo; "equerries" (?)
of Pasenadi Kosala; they honour the Buddha more than
they do the king,
M II 123 foll. Se (Ee Isīdatta° through-
out, v. l.
Isīdanta; but see Ps III 354,1 Ee °ā ti [v. l.
Isidanta-°] Isidatto [v. l. Isidanto] ca Purāṇo ca;
tesu eko brahmacārī eko sadāra-santuṭṭho, cp. 2Isi-
datta); in Sādhuka (Nett: Sāketa), the Buddha con-
gratulates them for their qualities and conduct,
348,14 foll. (quoted Nett 135,3 foll.), cf. 2Isidatta.