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, m. [BHS Iṣidatta, Ṛṣidatta, Riṣi-
datta], name of a gahapati (PPN I 320), always men-
tioned along with
Purāṇa (cf. Isidatta-Purāṇā);
abrahmacārī sadāra-santuṭṭho while Purāṇa was
brahmacārī, yet both sakadāgāmī and reborn in Tusita
world, A III 348,4 = 29 ≠ V 138,6 = 139,6; both
similarly endowed with
sīla and paññā, A V 143,26
foll. (~ with paññā, Pu° with sīla, Mp III 376,9 foll.,
cp. s. v.
Isidatta-Purāṇā); ~o gahapati, A III 451,14,
is possessed of six qualities leading to amata (i. e.
nibbāna), as are 19 other persons enumerated ib. 8 foll.,
Pūraṇa [sicl] gahapati.