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, f. [BHS Indraśaila-guhā may
be wrong sanskritization, cf. sa.
Indraśaila, name of a
mountain to the north; a Bharhut inscription gives the
Idasālaguha in accordance with Pali, see
Hultzsch, ZDMG 40 p. 71, Lüders, AKM 26:3 p.
164], Npr. of a cave and monastic dwelling on the
Vediyaka mountain, east of Bājagṛha, accord, to Sv
697,12-18 named after the indasālarukkha at the en-
trance; in this cave the
Sakka-pañha-sutta was preached,
D II 263—289 (Sv,pt); Ps II 16,18; Mil 349,31; Dhp-a
III 270,18; Th-a II 76,30 (dwelling of Cūḷaka); Thūp 85,
32 ≠ Mhv-ṭ 555,19; Pp-a 174,5 (the name an example
avidūragat[ū/u]panidhā, q. v.). — The cave is described
Fa-hien (ch. XXVIII) and Hiuan-tsang (ch. IX),
see St. Julien, Mémoires II 58, Beal, Records II 180.
Cf. also PPN, Cunningham, Ancient Geography of
(ed. Majumdar, Calcutta) 539 foll., M. A. Stein,
IA 1901 p. 54.