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, pr. 3 sg. [sa. √ind, indati paramaiśvarye],
to rule as an overlord; a verb invented for etymologizing
inda, indu and indriya; ~ati paresu issariyaṁ pāpu-
ṇātī ti indo, Sadd 377,30; nare ~atī ti nar'indo, 439,18;
~ati paramissariyaṁ karotī ti indo, Abh-sūci p. 47,10;
~ati nakkhattānaṁ paramissariyaṁ karotī ti indu,
p. 49,5; ~antī ti indriyāni, Sadd 786,2; ~anti para-
missariyaṁ karonti cceva indriyāni, Vism-mhṭ Se III