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[ū/u] (also spelled hindagū, see below), m. [sa.
*indra-ga ?], only in Nidd in stock list of syn.s: satto
naro mānavo poso puggalo jīvo jagū ~ū manujo,
I 3,15; 4,18; 68,5; 76,11; 127,24; 281,23; 304,1; II 145,
20; explained Nidd-a I 26,12: indriyena gacchatī ti ~ū,
athavā inda-bhūtena kammunā gacchatī ti ~ū; hin-
dagū ti pi pāḷi: hindan ti maraṇaṁ, taṁ maraṇaṁ
gacchatī ti hindagū (quoted Sadd 466,10).