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, mfn. (itthi + antara), meaning not
Vin I 191,18 = II 276,24 chabbaggiyā bhikkhū
(bhikkhuniyo) yānena yāyanti itthi-yuttena pi puris'-
antarena purisa-yuttena pi ~ena, Horner: "in a
vehicle, and there was a bull in the middle yoked with
cows, and there was a cow in the middle yoked with
(?, antarena rather "without"1?); Sp 1085,23:
itthī-yuttenā ti dhenu-yuttena puris'antarena ti
purisa-sārathină, purisa-yuttenā ti goṇa-yuttena,
~enā ti itthī-sārathină (z. e. "with a woman as coach-
man", very improbable