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, only in the expression [rāgo . . .]
~ va ujjhito, Thī 386 Ce, Be, Ne (ww. rr. iṅghāḷa-°,
iṅghāla-°, °-khuyā Ee and Mss. used by Ee), explained
iṅgălakuyā (w.r. iṅghāḷakhuyā Ee) ti aṅgārakāsuyā;
ujjhito ti vātakhitto viya yo koci dahano; indhanaṁ
viyā ti attho, Thī-a 256,10. — Prob, a wrong
conversion from an original Amg.
*iṅgālakuvā (m. c.
°-kūvā in the quarter c of a vait.) va ujjhido 'jumped
[a glowing coal] out of the charcoal-pit' [abl. sg. of
iṅgālakūva, m., sa. *aṅgāra-kūpa, supported by pa.
aṅgāra-puṇṇa-kūpa, q. v.; for further details see
C. Haebler MSS I 6, 1964, p. 21-31].