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, n., moving; abstracted from vātiṅgaṇa
(the egg-plant, Solanum Melongena L.) in the trsl.s by
Francis 1905 and Dutoit 1914 of Ja V 131,9 vā-
tiṅgaṇa-saññāya usabhamatthake vālaṁ vijjhi (taking
vātiṅgaṇa as vāta + ~); see the versions of this tale
about the
Bodhisatta's skill in archery Mp II 240,15-23,
Bv-a 279,7-12 (9 vātiṅgaṇaṁ bandhāpetha), and cf.
Abh 588, As 320,20, Nidd-a I 397,10, Ja-pṭ, Ja-pot.]