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, n. [ts.], 1. smearing, anointing; DN I
12,9 (~aṁ paccañjanaṁ; Sv) ≠ MN I 511,16. —
2. ointment, collyrium (esp. for the eyes): (a) used
for the sake of decoration,
Abh 306; DN I 7,20 (Sv);
in Thī 411 read añjaniṁ (= añjana-nāḷi, Thī-a); —
(b) as a cure for disease of the eyes, Vin I 203,13
(five different kinds allowed); gen. pl. ~ānaṁ khayo,
evaporation of collyriums, Dhp-a II 25,14* = Ps III
649,1*. — 3. a mineral substance, antimony, Ja V
416,27**. — Ifc. v. akkhi-°, alaṁkāra°, kaṇha°,
kāḷa°, khāra°, tela°, rasa°, sota°; cf. also 2aṅgana,
abbhañjana, paccañjana. [Cf. MTD añjana, n., col-
lyrium, night;
m., a tuktoo;f., a chameleon.]