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, pr. 3 sg. (adhi-upa + √gam,
cf. sa. abhyupagam°), 'to enter, arrive to', to assent,
agree to
(an opinion, view, and submit to the con-
); pot. 3 sg. "gacche, Thī474 (= sampa-
ṭiccheyya, Thī-a); aor. 3 sg. ajjhupāgami, Ja II 403,3*
(saṁyamaṁ); VI 129,8* (do.); 3 pl. °āgamuṁ, Ja V
323,10* (with gen. isīnaṁ [or read isinaṁ, acc. sg.?]
= isīnaṁ santikaṁ upagatā, Ct.); pp. v. next.