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, mfn. (pp. of ajjhesati, cf. ajjhesita),
asked, requested (to preach the dhamma, or to give a
(as a judged)); Sn p. 218,13 (= yācito, Pj);
DN II 289,2 (°-pañhā, w, r. ~ā pañhā; = ajjhesita-
pañhā puṭṭha-pañhā, Sv); Sp I 103,3; Ud-a 310,36
≠ Dhp-a IV 101,22 (v. l. abhijjhittha, cf. samijjhit-
ṭha, Ja VI 12.25*); — Ja VI 292,28* (= āṇatta). —
Ifc. v. an-°. See also sam-ajjhiṭṭha.