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, mfn. (pp. of ajjhāpajjati, very often
confounded with
ajjhopanna, q. v.), 1. (in an active
sense, with acc
) who has committed (some offence);
garudhammaṁ ~, Vin II 255,17 = AN IV 277,6; Vin
III 164,17'; Mil 255,1 (pārājikaṁ); — 2. (in a passive
), which has been committed, Vin I 103,37' (āpatti),
[the v. l. ajjhāpanno Ud 35,24 is unknown to Ud-a
and Mp-ṭ ad AN IV 356,1s]. — Ifc. v. an-°, ñatta°.