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, m. [sa. Ajātaçatru], Npr. of the king
Magadha, son of Bimbisāra, and contemporary of
Buddha, generally styled rājā Māgadho ~Vedehiputto,
DN I 47,4, etc.; instr. ~unā, MN II 116,29; Ja IV
343,1; gen. ~uno, Mp II 141,2; ~ussa, DN I 49,9; Ja
IV 343,2; MN I 231,5 ; legend about his name and short
Sv I 133,28 — 139,6; 153,9-27; his mother
Vedehi-kumārī (Kosala-devī, or Kosalarāja-dhītā) was
a sister of king
Pasenadi, JalI 403,1β; III 121,17
(her death: Ja II 237,20); he reigned 32 years, Dīp
III 60; Mhv II 31; his capital Rājagaha, DN I 47,1;
49,31. — As a little child (Ajātasattu-kumāra) he
accompanies his father to see
Jotika's palace, Dhp-a
IV 211,10; admirer and friend of Devadatta, Vin II
185,1 foll.; Ja I 185,28; 508,10; SN II 242,2; Deva-
datta incites him to kill his father and to attempt
Buddha's life, Vin II 190,15 foll., Dhp-a I 140,5 foll.;
II 164,7; Ps III 480,3; Pv-a 105,23 ; he kills his father
Bimbisāra and attacks Jotika's palace, Dhp-a IV
221,25 (cf. ib. 211,10); ~ussa pitughāta-kammaṁ,
Ja V 261,33 (cf. Mp II 141,2: ~uno kammaṁ kusala-
cchedakaṁ ahosi); his remorse, Sv I 140,13; attempts
the life of his brother
Sīlava-kumāra, Th-a ad
Th 608—9; prepares an attack on the Vajjī, DN II
72,4; AN IV 17,15; he fights Pasenadi, SN I 83—85;
Ja IV 343,1 (cf. II 237,17; 403,16 foll; III 406,1);
Dhp-a III 259,7; he marries Vajira-kumāri(kā), the
daughter of
Pasenadi, Ja II 404,20; his son Udāyi-
bhadda (or Udaya-bhaddaka), DN I 50,25; his fear
of king
Pajjota, MN III 7,14; his enmity with the
Licchavī, SN II 268,2; he takes the refuges, DN I
85,6 foll.; his anger against Upaka, the pupil of
Devadatta, AN II 182,24; he punishes the murderers
Moggallāna, Dhp-a III 66,20; in the 8th year
of his reign
Buddha dies, DīpIII 60; Mhv II 32
(Mhv-ṭ); Mhbv 85,1i; he asks the Mallas for a portion
of the relics of
Buddha, DN II 164,29 , and erects a
thūpa for that purpose, ib. 166,31; Sv II 274,3—276,3;
279,18—284,9 (cf. Bv XXVIII,2; Vv-a l 70,1; 200,2;
Pv-a 212,4); protector of the first Buddhist council (of
Mahãkassapa) at Bājagaha [a post-canonical tradi-
], Mhv III 16; Pj I 94,24 foll.; Sp 110,6 foll. (Sp-ṭ);
Kv-a 2,8; Sās 5,11; murdered by his son, (a tradition of
this dynasty
), Sv I 153,23; Mhv IV 1—5 (Mhv-ṭ); goes
to hell in spite of his conversion and will be re-born
as a
pacceka-buddha under the name of Vijitāvī (so
m and Sv-nṭ), Sv I 237—38.