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, the vowel a (a-kāra, q. v.). In the foll. places
(all metrical) the Cts assume a particle a without any
real meaning
(nipāta-mattaṁ or padapūraṇa-mattaṁ):
a-punappunaṁ, Ja I 503,19*; a-majjapa, Ja VI 328,3*;
a-piḷandhana, Vv-a 279,5'; a-siñcati, ib.307,12'; a-puc-
chasi, Sn 1050; a-nantaka, ib. 311,5'; at other verbal
a-māpaya, a-māpetvā (?), Ja VI 518,31-32*;
a-passato, ib. 552,8*. To this Tr. also refers a-yaṁ
phalaṁ, Ja II 112,19* [but ayaṁ (see [ā/a]ya) is probably
], and tad-a-te [but see tadaṁ], Ja IV 404,11*.
Cf. 2a-, and the words above separately.