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, mfn. (abhi + uṇha = sa. uṣṇa),
which has preserved its warmth, suitabhj warm, still
warm; n.
~aṁ aparivāsikaṁ, Ja II 435,22' (= 'pacc-
agghaṁ', scil. bhojanaṁ; so Ck for accuṇhaṁ Ee1');
~ena atthe sati sītalaṁ labhati, Dhp-a II 87,19
(v. l. accunhena); loc. ~e alla-sarīre parhsukūlaṁ na
gahetabbaṁ, Sp (II) 374,30 (ad Vin III 58,19); —
°-khīra, n., still warm milk, Dhp-a II 67,20'. abbhuṇha