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, f. [cf. kandala, kandalī, qq.v], a particular
kind of jasmine; the bud of a
~ has the shape and
whiteness of teeth which are sometimes compared to the
buds of ~
; cf. the cpd.s kadalimakulasadisavaṇṇa,
~-saṇthāṇa, and kandalamakulavaṇṇa, qq.v.; accord-
ing to the ct.s
~ = sattalī (cf. sa. saptalā); for the role of
the jasmine in Indian Lit., cf.
R. SYED, Die Flora Alt-
indiens in Literatur und Kunst,
München 1990: s.v.
kunda, p. 216-19; kadambā ~ī (v.l. kand°) tattha
pupphanti mama assame, Ap 362,18.