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, m., the agent and his object (used in
exegesis of the terms
me and sutaṁ of the canonical
evaṁ me sutaṁ); ettāvatā nānākārappa-
vattena cittasantānena taṁsamaṅgino ~e gahaṇa-
sanniṭṭhānaṁ kataṁ hoti, Sv 29,11 = Ps I 5,21 = Spk I
7,3 = Mp I 8,1 = Ud-a 14,3 = It-a I 24,29 (reading kat-
tuvisayaggahaṇe); — °-ggahaṇa, n., the act of appre-
hending the agent and its object;
~e, It-a I 24,29 (v. su-
); — °-tā, f. [abstr.]; ~āya, Sv-pṭ III 87,22 (ad Sv