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, m. [cf. Amg. kattara; Pischel § 390;
~ is only used in cpd. as a substitute for 1kattu (q.v. in-
); cf. kattuniddesa (q.v.), satthāradassana, and sat-
thāraniddesa], a statement of the agent;gramm. lit.:
(in discussion of anomalous cpd.s like ~ and satthā-
radassana) Sadd 140,19; satthu-ādīnaṁ anto ārattaṁ
āpajjati samāsagatanāme pare kvaci: ... ~o, 668,26;
917,14; Mogg-v ad Mogg III 67; — (used in exegesis of
the canonical stereotype
evaṁ me sutaṁ) me ti ~o, Sv
I 29,9 (Be kattu°) = Ps I 5,19 (Be kattu°) = Ud-a 13,33.[[side 119]]