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, [abs. < kattā (q.v. infra), with nasalization of
ā > aṁ], having done; atthaṁ vā me abhijānāsi ~aṁ,
Ja IV 98,4* ("do you recall having done me a service"; =
kataṁ, udāhu tayā kataṁ, kiñci mama atthaṁ abhi-
jānāsī ti pucchati, 99,15') ≠ 98,7*; — Rem.: a. the ct.s
~ = kataṁ is clearly wrong; for abhi + √jñā
constructed with the abs., cf. Synt.-Hendr. p. 129; b. aṁ
< ā is probably due to nasalization of ā when occurring
in final position; cf. Mittelindisch
§ 113; for another
possible abs. in
aṁ < ā, cf. Vin III 44,10: sarasi tvaṁ ...
evarūpiṁ vācaṁ bhāsitaṁ (Ee so; Be °tā) qu. Sp
295,14 (reading °tā [v.l. °aṁ] with BeCe, and inter-
°tā = bhāsitvā in gloss at 295,14-18, q.v.) and
Mogg-v (reading °tā) ad Mogg II 41.[[side 114]]