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, m. [cf. sa. kakṣāpuṭa; Buddh. sa.
kacchapuṭa; v. GM III 2.71,1; Ja-pṭ ad kaccha-puṭa-
vāṇija, q.v.], a loincloth pocket; mayhaṁ nattāya
~aṁ (v.l. -paṭ-) pilandhanaṁ dethā ti, Ap-a I 21,29;
122,2; — Rem.: the context and the parallel narra-
tive at
Ja I 111,5 foll. would suggest that the reading
~aṁ pilandhanaṁ which is supported by BeCe is to
be interpreted as a cpd.
(= split-cpd. ?).